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Welcome To My Truth...

My life turned around...But I'm still living my dreams...


stuff...about me?

sarah : aka sa sa : 24 : 5"3 (ish) : MFL (+some other subjects) teacher : sarcy : easily amused : "conscientious"

This journal is almost all friends only I think...add at your own risk ;-)

graphics journal : i_criedforyou
myspace : madame butterfly
bebo : meeeee
facebook : >la<
twitter: >twitterings<

ever-so-slight obsessions:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

other likes:

going on music tours : performing at royal albert hall : playing flute/picc : listening to music : being with friends : procrastination : being creative : photoshop : iconising pictures of anything : watching medical dramas/comedies : anything french like : anything maths related


being second best to anything/anyone : failing : liars : annoying people : constantly disconnecting wireless connection : boring lectures/teachers : wasting time : fake people : being used : spammers

credits to:

jadedicons [for brushes]
darkangel_alone [for gradients]
miggy [for textures&brushes]
iconisms [for brushes]
roostersgrrl [for brushes]
iroka [for textures/gradients&brushes]
kellolio [for textures]
myrasis [for textures]
daskomma [for textures/gradients]
lily_designs [for brushes]
haydens__hunnie [for text brushes]
ohfreckle [for brushes]
unusualgeek [for gradients]
ianthinae [for textures]
aconite [for textures]
boutondor [for textures]
sir [for brushes]
tsikicon [for brushes]
erniemay [for textures]
loveicon [for brushes]
creamuts [for brushes]
peyton_oxxo [for textures]

screencaps courtesy of capathon [New Moon caps], emily200289, craigjay [Green Wing caps], extant [POTC caps] or myself.

aaaand the great people on ___greenwing [dawn_e_h, emily200289 & vijayalakshmi for one & madzilla for the other!] for the uberly brilliant mood themes! ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us